Where do I come from?

I come from the real North of France. I was born on the coast, in Dunkerque, known as the worst French town ever. I studied in Lille, the best one. My grandma was Italian but lived more than 30 years in Algeria before moving to France. My dad's side is of unknown origins because my grand parents were orphans. So I believe I'm from everywhere. Made me the most curious person ever. I have no boundaries.

What I do ?

I work as a community supporter for a great company based in the North of Germany, Jimdo. Hence this website. I love cooking and read pastry magazines. Like, A LOT! I worked as a pastry cook for one year in a French Café here in Hamburg. I play the piano, I take photos, many are of what I eat and places I like. One day, maybe, hopefully, I'll make something out of it. I'll even have a website ;)

More than 180 000 downloads, more than 29 000 000 views, and thousands of likes on unsplash.com. Thanks for all the reposts and credits !